We all need ‘Friends’

So after a few years of working with The Luna Cinema on a variety of projects I finally got to visit ‘Friends Festival’, and to see the History Wall, the Food Trucks/Stands and other bits and bobs that I had the pleasure to work on. Super chuffed with the results.
If you’re a ‘Friends’ fan then go pay a visit – sit of the sofas, visit ‘Central Perk’, recreate the title scene and just generally enjoy…https://www.friendsfest.co.uk

Something different…

Occasionally I get asked to create something a little different from the norm. SPK Design gave me the opportunity to design and artwork some beautiful stage scenery for “Unleashed” performed Birmingham Royal Ballet.

‘The Seasons’ consisted of 4, 3×1.2m fret cut timber panels that were used as standing pieces but also lifted/flown in front of stage lighting to create mood and texture, relevant to each season.

‘Peter and the Wolf’ was a modern take on the classic, and required static, digitally printed, graffiti panels.

I was so pleased with the end results, a challenge but a fabulous one, I hope you agree.

Thanks to BRB and SPK for the images.


All kinds of everything

Do you know we’re not just all about logos and brochures… the last few months have seen a multitude of different projects.

Advertising Banners and Flags, Promotional Giveaways (bags, pens, notebooks – you name it we’ll brand it), Wedding Invites, Personalised Greetings Cards and even Order of Services.

After all variety is the spice of life!