We all need ‘Friends’

So after a few years of working with The Luna Cinema on a variety of projects I finally got to visit ‘Friends Festival’, and to see the History Wall, the Food Trucks/Stands and other bits and bobs that I had the pleasure to work on. Super chuffed with the results.
If you’re a ‘Friends’ fan then go pay a visit – sit of the sofas, visit ‘Central Perk’, recreate the title scene and just generally enjoy…https://www.friendsfest.co.uk

2020 – it’s not as bad as it seems

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of developing some new branded tshirts and hoodies for 20twenty. Based on the angel number 2020 which symbolises huge potential 😇When you keep seeing this number it’s time to accomplish your goal and have the life your deserve. So maybe it’s time to focus on this rather than the doom and gloom of the last few months!
Grab yours now at http://www.20-twenty.com/products and follow them at https://www.facebook.com/thisis20twenty/

Small business rebrand

We all love to help small local businesses. Keen’s came to Fuzzbox for a rebrand and this was the result. Artwork and print of business cards and A6 ncr invoice pads followed. So if you’re in need of Domestic Appliance repairs or indeed a rebrand you now know where to go!

2019-05-22 10.27.14

Festival Season

For the last 6 years Fuzzbox have had the pleasure of creating all the design and artwork for RetroFestival, signage, brochures, advertising and even some larger stuff! See the images below.

A fantastic event that now has 2 shows, Newark in June and Newbury in August.
This years weekends were a great success… if you fancy a trip down memory lane why not come next year, you might even see a few familiar faces… http://www.retrofestival.co.uk.



Do the “Logo”motion!

FuzzPortfolio_CB8FuzzPortfolio_CB7So what’s been going on with Fuzzbox over the past few months I hear you ask? Much!
Among lots of exciting projects has been the development of many logos, a certain love of mine. Understanding a brand and the person behind it, and creating the overall look of a business is a real passion. So I’m so very pleased I get to work with lovely people who trust me enough to develop their own company look.